Healthy Water

with Aquarion CaliVita

Aquarion CaliVita

filtr_dowody.jpgPeople search for the source of youth from time immemorial, probably even before Christ. They yearn to find the remarkable kind of water which possess healing properties. They simply want to discover the elixir of immortality that is able to turn back the time so we could still be young or just to heal our diseases. There’s no doubt that these days people still tries to find the youth source but the methods changed.

Water has the significant meaning to life in our planet. Each of us is made out of 70-98% of water so it seems to be obvious that water is of great importance to our health.

Water acts many important functions :

  • support the absorption of nutrients
  • eliminates and dissolves the substances produced by metabolism
  • plays an important role in stabilizing body temperature (perspiration)
  • protects our most important organs
  • is inevitable in many physiological processes


filtraquarion.jpg We ought to drink water not only when we are thirsty. The thirst means that there is a water shortage in our body. Human body cannot accumulate water supplies that’s why we need to supplement it. To keep the balance we should drink 2,5 liters daily. Of course in some circumstances we ought to increase the amount even to 304 liters a day for example when we sweat a lot (on holidays, doing exercises or hardworking). The most important is to drink the suitable amount of wholesome water. Nowadays it is possible as we have a wide range of products improving water condition.

When you install Aquarion the water firstly flows through automatic filter that strains main pollutants. The Aquarion also contains the inner filter 0,01 micron, which purifies water from bacteria and viruses . After filtering phase water is being ionized. This phase takes place in titanic – platinum  tank between two electrodes. these 2 electrodes and the inner part of the tank are divided by a special membrane. It is up to us what water properties we want to obtain and how we adjust the device. In addition the presence of  tourmaline enrich our water in anions.

Aquarion has an unique, characteristic feature: it can divide acid water from alkaline water. Primary researches started around 50 years ago in Japan and ZSRR. During studies on plants and animals advantageous changes were noticed. Then there was a decision to start studies on people.  The terminal effect surpasses all the expectations.

Aquarion produces ionized water by filtering portable water several times, eliminating chlorine thanks to above mentioned electrodes. After filtration the pH value will be acid or alkaline. Human body has slightly alkaline reaction so drinking ionized water doesn’t have any negative effect. On the contrary, ionized water helps in normal functioning. Acid water can be used only externally. It can also be used to decontaminate some surfaces without using detergents.